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Critical Communications World – Featuring 5 Panel Debates And Interviews


Some of the most valuable and interesting information shared at the Congress is through the interactive Panel Discussions found throughout the programme. In the last few years, we have seen particularly lively debates around TETRA Network Investment, Application Development, Short & Long Term Opportunities For TETRA and Control Room Communications. (more…)

Steria and APD Launch Next Generation Contact Management Solution, SmartContact, for the Police

19th November 2013 16:05 IST

From Steria and APD Launch Next Generation Contact Management Solution, SmartContact, for the PoliceNoida, Uttar Pradesh, India (Steria (Business Wire India)) 

Steria and APD have formed a unique product development partnership to deliver SmartContact, a fully integrated, end-to-end contact management solution, which will enable the police to provide a consistent response to public contact in and beyond the control room. Better communication and information will lead to improved service and enhance the public’sperception of the police.

Meet APD at Control Room Communications, 9 – 11 December, Vienna
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Registration is now open | Critical Communications Europe, 10 – 12 March, 2014


Critical Communications Europe 2014 will bring together experiences and opinions from across the European continent to help develop existing TETRA networks and develop future services and standards. This will be the first opportunity in 2014 to come together as a community with mutual interests to ensure continued excellence in the current European climate.

Registration is now open – Join us for Critical Communications Europe, 10 – 12 March 2014, Amsterdam to hear all about the latest development.

>>> Free to attend for visitors – Click Here to Claim Your Free Pass
>>> 70% discount on the registration for Critical Communications Users – Click Here To Register Your Name

We have now developed the conference agenda, which will highlight two key themes throughout:

  • Making sure that existing networks are being used to their fullest operational potential
  • Approaching next generation networks with cost effectiveness, practicality and standardisation as a priority

>>> Download The Full Draft Agenda
>>> Download The Flyer

Critical Communications World 2013 brochure available for download

The first brochure for Critical Communications World 2013, incorporating TETRA World Congress is now available for you to download. Click here to download your copy

Download the first Critical Communications World 2013 brochure

Download the first Critical Communications World 2013 brochure

Critical Communications World 2013 is the global meeting place to network, learn, define and develop the evolution of Critical Communications. The 2013 programme will incorporate many NEW conference features, including interviews, debates, innovative networking options and social events to make sure you leave the Congress fully enlightened and with as many NEW contacts as possible.

Download the brochure to find out more about the topics to be covered in the programme, details on the networking options and the latest list of confirmed exhibitors.


Creating 10 Real – Time Intelligence Centres – Experiences from the Netherlands Police Force

Latest News From…

“Implementing RTIC’s in all Command and Control Rooms is a big challenge especially during a period of time in which the Dutch police is transforming from ‘old to new’ “Martien Hoogebeen, Project Manager – Control Rooms and Real Time Intelligence Centres Netherlands Police

Martien Hoogebeen will be presenting Creating 10 Real-Time Intelligence Centres – Experiences from the Netherlands Police Force at Control Room Communications 2012. He recently shared some of his experiences with us and gave insight into the challenges he faces, in building 10 RTIC’s – giving you a taste of what to expect at this years conference.

IIR: How do you examine the role and importance of having a real-time intelligence centre (RTIC) to support your control room and field units with information?

MH: The Dutch police are in the process of reforming. 26 independent police forces will transform into 1 national police force with 10 departments. At this moment there are 23 Command and Control Rooms in the Netherlands. As you might know, these Command and Control Rooms are, as we call it co-located: Fire Department, Ambulance and police are united in Command and Control Rooms. Those 23 Command and Control Rooms will, in time, also transform into 1 Command and Control Room organization with 10 facilities. That means an enormous operation for all services involved. To support this operation a new ICT environment is needed.  All Command and Control Room services are in the process of making preparations to buy and implement a brand new Command and Control Room tool. This process is being done with all services together.

For the police the time has come to improve our Command and Control Room performance and make a step toward a Command and Control Room that is not only a dispatch-centre but to one with a big role in directing operations in the field. The need to push real-time intelligence to units in the field is greatly felt. Units in the field are better prepared in combining information from different sources and reaction is quicker and more adequate and we can already see a larger number of arrests. The Dutch police are especially keen on improving the number of ‘red-handed arrests’. We see an important role for RTIC in monitoring social media. In the short history of RTIC we have seen a number of serious incidents (kidnapping, domestic violence, robberies) which were solved in a short amount of time, mainly by the use of intell from social media.

IIR: What are the challenges of building 10 RTIC’s and how can you share the lessons learned?

MH: Implementing RTIC’s in all Command and Control Rooms is a big challenge especially during a period of time in which the Dutch police is transforming from ‘old to new’. That has a lot to do with the transition of power. The 26 chiefs of police of old are still there but not really in charge anymore. The new chief (the only one) has already started his job but is not in charge formally. Regulations concerning personnel is changing but will only be in effect as of next year. So getting new personnel appointed, educated and transferred to their new jobs appeared to be quite difficult. Professional associations (trade unions) were not happy to comply and it took a lot of negotiating to make it happen.

Click here to read the full interview

Martien Hoogebeen Project Manager – Control Rooms and Real Time Intelligence Centres Netherlands Police will be speaking at Control Room Communications at 16:30 Tuesday on 11th December 2012.

For full details of all the learning and networking opportunities available to you at Control Room Communications, download the programme

Join Us At Control Room Communications, 10 – 12 December 2012

The action-packed agenda for IIR’s 3rd annual Control Room Communications conference is now available to download! Click here to download

Through 3 days of workshops, case studies, interactive discussions AND a visit to the Copenhagen Police Control Room, you will hear first-hand insights and proven, tried and tested approaches to:

  • Improving information management and maximising the benefit of multi-source data feeds including social media and video
  • Forming the optimum application and software tool kit to meet the demands of modern control room
  • Success stories for consolidating control room networks, driving down cost and improving process efficiency
  • Preparing your control room for the implications of eCALL, 112 and Reach 112

Click here to view our list of expert speakers

Register as a delegate here

Download the brochure here

Welcome To IIR’s Critical Communications World Series Blog

For 15 years, IIR Critical Communications World Series has successfully hosted and organised events all over the world for thousands of senior professionals in the Critical Communications industry.  Delegates, speakers, VIP’s, sponsors, exhibitors and exhibition visitors meet from all over the globe to learn, debate and discuss the future of Critical Communications.

Our 2013 events include:


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