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How Should Emergency Service Control Rooms Prepare for HeERO 1 – eCall Pre-deployment?

Following on from the latest news regarding The European Parliament adopting a resolution that calls on the European Commission and the member states to make sure that the eCall system will be installed in every new vehicle by 2015…

Sébastien Mure, Project Support Manager, ERTICO-ITS Europe will be discussing e-Call and HeERO and the impact that their introduction will and is having on Control Room strategy and operational planning at Control Room Communications 2012. We recently gained his thoughts on this subject.

IIR: Introducing eCall – what does it do and what does this mean for the Control Room?
SM: The eCall is an emergency 112 call generated by a vehicle. It can be triggered either automatically when in-vehicle sensors have detected a serious crash, or manually by the vehicle occupants. When activated, it provides the emergency services control room operator with critical information such as the location of the vehicle, the direction of travelling before the crash and the type of vehicle within a few seconds. Immediately after the transmission of this data it also establishes a voice call between the vehicle and the operator. With eCall, the control room not only rapidly establishes a voice call with the vehicles occupants, but also receives additional information which saves precious time for the emergency services.

IIR: How do you share the results of the first 9 pilots with PSAPs across Europe?
SM: HeERO has engaged in a broad and varied dissemination strategy to raise awareness of the project amongst emergency services experts, and increasingly amongst citizens too. It has also provided input to the international expert group on PSAP upgrades for eCall, a group organised by the European Commission. Finally, at a national level, HeERO partners are committed to sharing their experience with other PSAPs. This can be complex in countries where emergency services are a regional level competency.

Sébastien Mure will present Examining how Emergency Service Control Rooms Should Prepare for HeERO 1 – eCall Pre-deployment on Tuesday 11 December at 15.45 at Control Room Communications 2012.


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