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Exclusive speaker interview with European Commission

LTE and Spectrum1 Professional LTE and Spectrum Management
 8 – 11 October 2013
 Dexter House, London, UK

IIR Producer, Vanessa Barbe, recently interviewed Andreas Geiss, Deputy Head of Unit, Radio Spectrum Policy, from the European Commission.

Here is what Andreas had to say on harmonisation, the 700MHz band and commercial network sharing…

IIR: In your opinion, can we foresee a harmonised allocation of spectrum suitable for public safety in the near future?
 Harmonised spectrum for PPDR is an important element for ensuring cross-border operations as well as low cost equipment. In line with the RSPP, the Commission is examining this possibility; to start with, at the technical level, the Commission has issued two mandates to CEPT, which also deal with the possibility of using harmonised spectrum for PPDR. The results are not expected until November 2014 (2 GHz band) and March 2016 (700 MHz band).  (more…)

Download the Critical Communications World 2013 programme…


The agenda for Critical Communications World 2013 has now been finalised. Download your copy here.

Join us for what is set to be an outstanding event. The Congress will offer answers to all of your questions on developing and delivering effective Mission Critical Communications. By registering as a delegate you will:


  • Learn from 150+ presentations, interviews, discussions and seminars on both public safety and commercial Critical Communications usage
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The Future of Critical Communications…by Tero Pesonen





Want to understand what’s coming in communications? Tero Pesonen looks at how we manage today and suggests we need to look beyond our boundaries

Tero Pesonen, Standards Manager, Cassidian

When you think about the future of communications, there are three dimensions to consider. One is people, ourselves: what we are, our capabilities and our limitations. Another is, of course, technology. And the third is the environment. Let’s look at each of them.

People: how do we communicate today, and why do we do it like that? Let’s jump back to the past, to maybe 200 years ago. In those days, the fastest way of communicating with somebody who didn’t live just next door or in the same village was by letter. The data highway of that time was the pony express.

Communication then was very local. But the world was very small and local, for most people. If you wanted to conduct a dialogue by writing letters – let’s say, with someone in the US, from Europe – you would get to exchange information basically 12 times a year, because it takes a month for a letter to get to the other side. So the communications time concept was measured in weeks. (more…)

LA-RICS Moves Forward with LMR Procurement Using T-Band/700 MHz Spectrum

From Radio Resource
Los Angeles County is moving forward with a public-safety narrowband radio system procurement using both UHF T-band and 700 MHz spectrum with a goal of migrating the T-band users to 700 MHz spectrum over time. On Nov. 21, the FCC granted a waiver request from the county to extend until Dec. 31, 2016, the construction deadline associated with the 20 narrowband T-band licenses that are to be integrated into the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS).

Belgian TETRA Operator Outlines Public-Safety Mobile Data Plan

From Radio Resources
“One European TETRA public-safety national network operator is moving forward with mobile data plans for its users through a commercial mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service rather than waiting for spectrum and technology details to be hammered out through the European Union and various public-safety association working groups. (more…)

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