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Do you need updates on how to effectively harness Social Media in your Control Room Communications Strategy?

This year’s Control Room Communications conference programme will delve deep into positively incorporating social media, to better inform the Control Room Environment.

You will hear detailed case studies, analysis and practical examples of how social media and other Internet media can be used effectively for everyday operations, as well as for Crisis Communications.

Benefit From A Focused Session:  Tuesday 11th December – Social Media Management Strategies

Leveraging Social Media to Add Citizen Insights into the Control Room Environment
– Carlijn Broekman, Scientific Researcher, TNO

Using Social and Other Internet Media in Crisis Communications
– Dr. Joachim Klerx, Scientist, AIT

Examining the Use of Social Media in Daily Police Work – The Experiences of the Rotterdam Police Force
 – Dianne van Gammeren, Head of Control Room, Rotterdam Police Force
– Henk van der Linden, Project Manager – Social Media, Rotterdam Police Force

Using Social Media in Crisis Communication – Examining the Collaborative Efforts of Public and Private Sector Communication Experts
 – Marc van Daele, Communication Manager, City of Zwijndrecht, Belgium & Vice-President of Kortom, Professional Association for Public Communication

To find out more and to register your place as a delegate visit: http://controlroomcommunications.com

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