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Exclusive Interview – Airbus Defence and Space

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Nicola Lecca, Airbus Defence and Security

Nicola Lecca, Airbus Defence and Security

Dr. Carl Smith, Producer for Critical Communications Europe interviews Nicole Lecca, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space (formerly Cassidian).

IIR: Cassidian is a name that is recognised as a leader in Critical Communications solutions all around the world. What prompted the consolidation to Airbus Defence and Space?
Nicole Lecca:
 Cassidian entered a new era in January 2014 when it joined forces with Airbus Military and Astrium to form Airbus Defence and Space, one of the three Divisions of Airbus Group. The Division strengthens the individual businesses, generating some € 14 billion in annual sales and with a workforce of around 40,000 people.
Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) will certainly continue to be a core activity of the Airbus Defence and Space Division, which is the largest PMR vendor in Europe. In the new set-up, in fact, we will be able to compete more efficiently on the global stage. Besides its key commercial aerospace activities, Airbus Group is proud to be one of the leading space, defence and security players worldwide. (more…)

How do you judge a conference? | Critical Communications Europe 2014

How do you judge a conference?

By the quality of its speakers.

Despite all the hard work that goes into organising and running an event, any success is down to the willingness of members of the Critical Communications community to share their work and inspire their peers. We are very grateful and proud of all of our speakers who will be bringing the conference to life in Amsterdam. Below is just a small preview of who will be stepping up to the lectern at the NH Grand Hotel Kraznapolsky during Critical Communications Europe.

Meet The Speakers 

Meet the speakers


Key Topics Include

    • How Will Innovation Shape The Future Of Critical Communications
    • A European Harmonised Spectrum For Broadband PPDR
    • SMART Critical Communications: The Smart Santander Project
    • Preparing And Investing For Next Generation Networks – Exploring The MVNO Opportunity
    • Mass Management And Encryption In Public Safety Critical Communications Networks
    • Deploying Critical Communications To Increase Efficiency In The Rail Environment

We look forward to welcoming you to Critical Communications Europe

Critical Communications Europe Team


How To Register

Airbus Group takes off into 2014 with joint brand

Toulouse, 02 January 2014

EADS rebranded as Airbus Group

Divisions named Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Helicopters
Airbus Group targets conversion of legal form into European
Company SE by 2015

Airbus Group

Taking off into the New Year, the EADS group has been rebranded
as “Airbus Group”. Uniting all its activities under a single and strong
brand, Airbus Group also renames two of its three Divisions. Going
forward, the Group is home to:
Airbus, focussing on commercial aircraft activities;
Airbus Defence and Space, integrating the Group’s defence and
space activities from Cassidian, Astrium, and Airbus Military;
Airbus Helicopters, comprising all commercial and military helicopter activities.


Registration is now open | Critical Communications Europe, 10 – 12 March, 2014


Critical Communications Europe 2014 will bring together experiences and opinions from across the European continent to help develop existing TETRA networks and develop future services and standards. This will be the first opportunity in 2014 to come together as a community with mutual interests to ensure continued excellence in the current European climate.

Registration is now open – Join us for Critical Communications Europe, 10 – 12 March 2014, Amsterdam to hear all about the latest development.

>>> Free to attend for visitors – Click Here to Claim Your Free Pass
>>> 70% discount on the registration for Critical Communications Users – Click Here To Register Your Name

We have now developed the conference agenda, which will highlight two key themes throughout:

  • Making sure that existing networks are being used to their fullest operational potential
  • Approaching next generation networks with cost effectiveness, practicality and standardisation as a priority

>>> Download The Full Draft Agenda
>>> Download The Flyer

Cassidian’s technology secures communications during Swedish princess’s wedding


  • Rakel system operated by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency ensured network availability at all sensitive locations despite demanding requirements
  • Detailed security preparation began in December last year

Stockholm, 24 June 2013 – During the royal wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden to Christopher O’Neill in Stockholm on 8 June, the Swedish security forces relied on Cassidian’s radio communication technology in order to ensure that all activities went smoothly and to guarantee the safety of all participants. Using the Swedish nationwide TETRA radio communication system Rakel, which is provided by Cassidian and operated by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Stockholm Police together with the Swedish Security Service were responsible for the safety of some 470 high-ranking guests, such as royals and politicians from around the world who attended the wedding, as well as for securing the Swedish capital during the festivities. (more…)

Meet Alfatronix at Critical Communications World 2013

Latest News From Alfatranix

AlfatronixAlfatronix has been successfully producing inherently reliable voltage conversion and power supplies for more than 33 years.  Offering a life time warranty on products which are available from stock for delivery in the UK and export globally, Alfatronix is the chosen brand within the communications sector.

The impending Critical Communications Show will bring the much eagerly awaited launch of the new solid state battery guard low voltage disconnect product.  The PowerTector Battery Guard is a solid state device that will monitor the source voltage and disconnect the battery if the voltage falls below a pre-determined level.  This can work to ensure that there is always sufficient voltage remaining in the battery to start a vehicle engine or ensure power is available for other critical applications for example battery backup systems for repeater and fixed mobile applications.   This range of products are fully programmable, rated IP65, suitable for use on both 12vdc and 24vdc electrical systems and available with power ratings from 10 to 200 amps. (more…)

Cassidian Communications to Offer TETRA Radio Solutions in North America

Latest Press Release From Cassidian


  • A global leader in TETRA deployments, Cassidian Communications is bringing its advanced voice and data radio communications solutions to corporate customers in the U.S. and Canada, specifically the utility, transportation and industrial markets
  • Cassidian Communications’ TETRA radio solutions deliver robust, secure communications, improving operational efficiency and providing an overall reduced cost of ownership (more…)

The Future of Critical Communications…by Tero Pesonen





Want to understand what’s coming in communications? Tero Pesonen looks at how we manage today and suggests we need to look beyond our boundaries

Tero Pesonen, Standards Manager, Cassidian

When you think about the future of communications, there are three dimensions to consider. One is people, ourselves: what we are, our capabilities and our limitations. Another is, of course, technology. And the third is the environment. Let’s look at each of them.

People: how do we communicate today, and why do we do it like that? Let’s jump back to the past, to maybe 200 years ago. In those days, the fastest way of communicating with somebody who didn’t live just next door or in the same village was by letter. The data highway of that time was the pony express.

Communication then was very local. But the world was very small and local, for most people. If you wanted to conduct a dialogue by writing letters – let’s say, with someone in the US, from Europe – you would get to exchange information basically 12 times a year, because it takes a month for a letter to get to the other side. So the communications time concept was measured in weeks. (more…)

Latest News From Critical Communications World, 21 – 24 May 2013, Paris


The Best Opportunities To Learn, Network And Do Business
In One Place At One Time

This year’s Critical Communications World 2013 will be packed with NEW speakers, case studies, seminars and panel discussions. By joining us in Paris, you will:

  • Mix with 4000 Critical Communication professionals from around the world
  • Learn from 150+ speakers during the conference
  • Meet all of the leading suppliers at the exhibition of 130+ stands
  • Benefit from 15+ streams and seminars covering insights on Critical Communications for public safety, transport, utilities and commercial usage
  • Experience 4 days of conference sessions, training, networking and exhibition

For further details on all the benefits of registering as a delegate please visit our website (more…)

Cassidian’s TETRA radio equipment gets certified for German BOS digital radio network

Latest News from Source SecurityCassidian - Gold Sponsor of Critical Communications World, 21 - 24 May 2013

Cassidian’s TETRA radio equipment has passed all the interoperability tests required for its planned use in the German BOS (Security Authorities and Organisations) digital radio network, and was certified by the German Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organisations (BDBOS) at the end of 2012. The certificates were officially presented by Andreas Gegenfurtner, the Vice President of BDBOS, thus enabling Cassidian’s THR9, THR9 Ex and THR9i TETRA models to now also be used in the German digital radio network. (more…)

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