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Exclusive speaker interview with European Commission

LTE and Spectrum1 Professional LTE and Spectrum Management
 8 – 11 October 2013
 Dexter House, London, UK

IIR Producer, Vanessa Barbe, recently interviewed Andreas Geiss, Deputy Head of Unit, Radio Spectrum Policy, from the European Commission.

Here is what Andreas had to say on harmonisation, the 700MHz band and commercial network sharing…

IIR: In your opinion, can we foresee a harmonised allocation of spectrum suitable for public safety in the near future?
 Harmonised spectrum for PPDR is an important element for ensuring cross-border operations as well as low cost equipment. In line with the RSPP, the Commission is examining this possibility; to start with, at the technical level, the Commission has issued two mandates to CEPT, which also deal with the possibility of using harmonised spectrum for PPDR. The results are not expected until November 2014 (2 GHz band) and March 2016 (700 MHz band).  (more…)

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