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Cecilie Løken – Communicating Need For Specialised Radio #CCEU2014

Nødnett constitutes one of the largest investments in societal security in Norway ever. Cecilie B. Løken has been involved in the work on Nødnett in Norway for more than ten years in various different roles. In recent years she has served as the Communications Director of DNK and has worked closely with the media. This has provided valuable experience in terms of how to communicate the Nødnett message to groups unfamiliar with the project, such as the media, politicians and the general public. DNK had a rough period with many negative media stories during the autumn of 2012.

The development of Nødnett was nearing completion, and the debate in Norway was characterised by enormous expectations and little knowledge regarding the new network. At the same time the parliamentary election in Norway was approaching. The communication concerning Nødnett had to be balanced in a very delicate manner. DNK had to communicate facts, opinions and needs to both people who knew everything and those who knew nothing – without it appearing that we had picked political sides. Thus, an educational effort became an important priority in order to prevent misunderstandings and negative media coverage, in addition to increase the knowledge regarding Nødnett.

We caught up with Cecilie at our last major European event in Paris last year. The following interview covers the importance of Inter System Interface between Norway and Sweden and her reasons for attending.

 interview Cecilie

Cecilie will be presenting on Day 2 of Critical Communications Europe on ‘Challenges In Communicating The Need For Specialised Radio Systems In The Political Sphere’

The Norway – Sweden ISI development project will also be showcased by Marianne Storrøsten (DNK) and Anita Galin (MSB) on Day 2 in the presentation ‘In Emergencies We Should Forget National Borders’

DNK Director General, Tor Helge Lyngstøl, will be taking part in ‘Updates From Europe’s Major TETRA Networks’ on Day 1 of the conference.


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