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Delivering Public Safety Communications with LTE

Report from 3GPP


A new white paper from Iain Sharp, of Netovate, assesses the work needed to ensure that 3GPP LTE meets the needs of Public Safety professionals and the broader Critical Communications community:


Delivering Public Safety Communications with LTE

Today there are two separate technology families for providing wide-area wireless communications: commercial cellular networks and dedicated public safety systems.

To provide the best service to both communities there is now industry support for greater use of common technology. Work underway in Release 12 of 3GPP LTE standards will enhance LTE to meet public safety application requirements.


Commercial cellular networks have been driven by the needs of consumer and business users. The exceptional success of cellular has led to excellent economies of scale and constant rapid innovation. This environment has produced advanced standards such as LTE that provide multi-megabit per second data rates and multimedia capabilities as well as traditional voice and messaging services.


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