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IHS Industry Survey

IHS are an independent research organization seeking to understand the changing landscape of mission critical communications. One element of our research process is to look at the opinions of end users and understand the current and future challenges that are affecting them.

IHS, the market leader in Land Mobile Radio and Professional Mobile Radio research, is conducting this critical research into the Critical Communications Broadband market. We would like this survey to be completed by respondents who:

  • Use an LMR/Mission Critical System to communicate
  • Manage and administrate an LMR system
  • Influence or make decisions on the selection of LMR communications system(s)

If you fall into any of these categories, we would greatly appreciate 10 minutes of your time to provide us with your opinions on your current technology and future challenges in the industry. Please click here to take the survey

IHS are offering the chance to win one (1) of four (4) $100 Amazon gift cards for those who participate.

We promise to protect all identifying information regarding you and your company or organization. The purpose of this research is to get a representative view of LMR users like you.

Thank you very much for your time.

Exclusive Interview – Airbus Defence and Space

Latest News from…CCW_Europe_2013_Date

Nicola Lecca, Airbus Defence and Security

Nicola Lecca, Airbus Defence and Security

Dr. Carl Smith, Producer for Critical Communications Europe interviews Nicole Lecca, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space (formerly Cassidian).

IIR: Cassidian is a name that is recognised as a leader in Critical Communications solutions all around the world. What prompted the consolidation to Airbus Defence and Space?
Nicole Lecca:
 Cassidian entered a new era in January 2014 when it joined forces with Airbus Military and Astrium to form Airbus Defence and Space, one of the three Divisions of Airbus Group. The Division strengthens the individual businesses, generating some € 14 billion in annual sales and with a workforce of around 40,000 people.
Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) will certainly continue to be a core activity of the Airbus Defence and Space Division, which is the largest PMR vendor in Europe. In the new set-up, in fact, we will be able to compete more efficiently on the global stage. Besides its key commercial aerospace activities, Airbus Group is proud to be one of the leading space, defence and security players worldwide. (more…)

Cecilie Løken – Communicating Need For Specialised Radio #CCEU2014

Nødnett constitutes one of the largest investments in societal security in Norway ever. Cecilie B. Løken has been involved in the work on Nødnett in Norway for more than ten years in various different roles. In recent years she has served as the Communications Director of DNK and has worked closely with the media. This has provided valuable experience in terms of how to communicate the Nødnett message to groups unfamiliar with the project, such as the media, politicians and the general public. DNK had a rough period with many negative media stories during the autumn of 2012.

The development of Nødnett was nearing completion, and the debate in Norway was characterised by enormous expectations and little knowledge regarding the new network. At the same time the parliamentary election in Norway was approaching. The communication concerning Nødnett had to be balanced in a very delicate manner. DNK had to communicate facts, opinions and needs to both people who knew everything and those who knew nothing – without it appearing that we had picked political sides. Thus, an educational effort became an important priority in order to prevent misunderstandings and negative media coverage, in addition to increase the knowledge regarding Nødnett.

We caught up with Cecilie at our last major European event in Paris last year. The following interview covers the importance of Inter System Interface between Norway and Sweden and her reasons for attending.

 interview Cecilie

Cecilie will be presenting on Day 2 of Critical Communications Europe on ‘Challenges In Communicating The Need For Specialised Radio Systems In The Political Sphere’

The Norway – Sweden ISI development project will also be showcased by Marianne Storrøsten (DNK) and Anita Galin (MSB) on Day 2 in the presentation ‘In Emergencies We Should Forget National Borders’

DNK Director General, Tor Helge Lyngstøl, will be taking part in ‘Updates From Europe’s Major TETRA Networks’ on Day 1 of the conference.


How To Register

The event is only 6 weeks away, so make sure you register your place now to gain access to the full networking features and to avoid missing out.

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How do you judge a conference? | Critical Communications Europe 2014

How do you judge a conference?

By the quality of its speakers.

Despite all the hard work that goes into organising and running an event, any success is down to the willingness of members of the Critical Communications community to share their work and inspire their peers. We are very grateful and proud of all of our speakers who will be bringing the conference to life in Amsterdam. Below is just a small preview of who will be stepping up to the lectern at the NH Grand Hotel Kraznapolsky during Critical Communications Europe.

Meet The Speakers 

Meet the speakers


Key Topics Include

    • How Will Innovation Shape The Future Of Critical Communications
    • A European Harmonised Spectrum For Broadband PPDR
    • SMART Critical Communications: The Smart Santander Project
    • Preparing And Investing For Next Generation Networks – Exploring The MVNO Opportunity
    • Mass Management And Encryption In Public Safety Critical Communications Networks
    • Deploying Critical Communications To Increase Efficiency In The Rail Environment

We look forward to welcoming you to Critical Communications Europe

Critical Communications Europe Team


How To Register

Exclusive Speaker Interview – Critical Communications Europe 2014

In an exclusive interview with Critical Communications Europe, Hannu Aronsson (Chair – Application Working Group,TETRA & Critical Communications Association) shares details of the latest progress on Mission-Critical Applications. The interview gives a sneak peek into Day 1’s  ‘Meeting The Needs Of The Modern Policeman’ open panel session at Critical Communications Europe in Amsterdam (11th March 2014).

There is a lot of anticipation over what kinds of applications LTE will enable for Critical Communications Users. As chair of the TCCA’s applications working group, you must have a better insight than most as to what is possible with current TETRA and TEDS enabled networks. What kinds of applications and data-enabled operations are possible to run today?

A: Excluding video, delivering the information needed for real-world operational needs can be done with private and secure narrow band networks to a large extent already today. This includes even widely distributed situational awareness information which can be delivered efficiently using group communications methods on today’s networks.

Hannu Aronsson’s interview provides a taster of what you can expect to hear at Critical Communications Europe 2014. This year we have added sessions focussing specifically on Mobile Broadband For Critical Communications and Next Generation Networks, which will bring you insights from your colleagues from around Europe. For full details, download the brochure and register today.


Europe’s Major National TETRA Networks And Commercial Mobile Network Operators Meet To Discuss The Future Of Critical Communications

UntitledCritical Communications Europe Brochure Is Now Available – Have A Look!

Europe’s leading TETRA networks will be discussing the current and future state of professional mobile radio at Critical Communications Europe 2014. Amsterdam will also host Senior Users from Public Safety, Transport and Utilities as well as significant presence from Commercial Mobile Network Operators.

This is the first pan-European forum for National Operators, Senior Users, Vendors, Regulators and Associations to establish mutual aims for European Critical Communications.

Critical Communications Europe takes place on the 10-12 March, 2014 at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

>> Visit Our Website <<
>> View our list of speakers 
>> Join us as delegate <<

Registration is now open | Critical Communications Europe, 10 – 12 March, 2014


Critical Communications Europe 2014 will bring together experiences and opinions from across the European continent to help develop existing TETRA networks and develop future services and standards. This will be the first opportunity in 2014 to come together as a community with mutual interests to ensure continued excellence in the current European climate.

Registration is now open – Join us for Critical Communications Europe, 10 – 12 March 2014, Amsterdam to hear all about the latest development.

>>> Free to attend for visitors – Click Here to Claim Your Free Pass
>>> 70% discount on the registration for Critical Communications Users – Click Here To Register Your Name

We have now developed the conference agenda, which will highlight two key themes throughout:

  • Making sure that existing networks are being used to their fullest operational potential
  • Approaching next generation networks with cost effectiveness, practicality and standardisation as a priority

>>> Download The Full Draft Agenda
>>> Download The Flyer

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