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TETRA has arrived in the Americas – Interview with Andy Schwartz, Director of Radio Communications, New Jersey Transit

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17th – 18th November 2014
Hyatt Regency Orlando, Orlando, USA

TETRA has arrived in the Americas, bringing the guarantee of secure voice services alongside data services and applications that offer new efficiencies to Mission Critical Users. This year it has been used to ensure safety and security during the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

IIR recently interviewed, Andy Schwartz, Director of Radio Communications, New Jersey Transit on his experiences of using TETRA during the Superbowl.

IIR: How has the TETRA Network for New Jersey Transit developed in the last year?
AS: Since the past year, we have added over 1500 subscribers to our system and are operating throughout the State of New Jersey along our bus and light rail routes.  We continue to add base station sites as part of our initial project and are looking to expand coverage to serve the needs of our radio system users.

IIR: What were the challenges in preparing the network, services and users for the Super Bowl 2014?
AS: The Super Bowl was a large undertaking.  For radio coverage, there was significant coordination required between all local, state, and national level agencies participating in event along with the NFL.  In addition to developing an incident communications plan, public safety frequencies had to be coordinated with the NFL who handles coordination for all non-public safety users, both domestic and international, who were planning on using radio at event.  NJ TRANSIT went to the FCC with a request for Special Temporary Authorization using frequencies identified by our consultant for use at three major transit hubs serving the Super Bowl event.  The FCC was very helpful and quickly granted our request for a two-week period centered around the date of the game.  The final challenge was securing backhaul to connect our TETRA base stations to the core.  We used a variety of methods including in-house fiber, microwave, and leased circuits. (more…)

TCCA Presents TETRA Congress Americas, 14 – 15 November, New York | Interview with New Jersey Transit | Join us this week

TCA BAnnersTETRA Congress Americas will take place in New York this week.

It is not too late to register. Come to the registration desk at the Hilton Midtown Hotel, New York this Thursday and register on site
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Interview With New Jersey Transit

In preparation for the event, Andy Schwartz from New Jersey Transit has shared a preview of his presentation – please see the full interview below. By joining us at the event you will be able to hear the full case study which takes place 14th November at 12.30pm.

Why was TETRA the right choice for your organization?
NJ TRANSIT’s procurement process was driven by business requirements for a data-centric system where standards adherence was important.  We did not specify a technology.  When the entire process was completed, the award went to a vendor with a TETRA-based system.  We believe this was the best choice for NJ TRANSIT given the maturity of TETRA and its rich feature set, the data capability, the standard interface (PEI) for 3rd party applications, and the competitive environment for terminals.


TETRA Is Here For Transit, Airport And Utilities Communications – Hear More…

TCA BAnnersTETRA is now being deployed in the Americas as THE secure radio choice for the Transit, Airport and Utilities communities. Are you looking to find out more about TETRA’s specific technical attributes and benefits?

Join us for TETRA Congress Americas, 14 – 15 November 2013, New York to hear all about the latest deployments.


We have recently updated the agenda and added some brand new sessions and speakers to the TETRA Congress Americas program  – Download your latest copy here


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