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What are the fundamentals in disaster preparedness and responding in a crisis and what are the emerging lessons learned?

 – London Ambulance Service share their Olympics experience




Jason Killens, Deputy Director of Operations, London Ambulance Service and speaker at this year’s Control Room Communications conference shares his experiences with us.

IIR: How did you maintain service and business continuity in emergency response?
In planning for the delivery of service not only to London but also to games venues and other Olympic and Paralympic events during the summer of 2012 the London Ambulance Service (LAS) developed, planned and managed two distinct service areas or business units. The first was our response to and planning for Olympic and Paralympic games related activity. Planning for these events saw us draw on NHS ambulance personnel from across England, the first time significant mutual aid has been deployed for a protracted period. LAS also developed significant infrastructure projects such as our Olympic Deployment Centre and increases to the ambulance fleet for the duration of the games. Delivery across the two games periods was led by the Olympic Command team having been in the planning with multiagency partners for some 5 years. One element of the planning for the games was to increase our capacity to respond to multi-casualty incidents where special arrangements were put in place to enhance existing capabilities from early July through to mid-September.

The second service area was that which focused on maintaining routine services across London during the games. This was specifically important as whilst games venues hosted most of the sporting activity the impact of traveling spectators and those attending other cultural events that continued to be held such as the Notting Hill Carnival (the largest street carnival in Europe) was felt across London. It was important for us and for our commitments to the UK bid to host the games that normal service levels were maintained across the games.

Jason Killens will be presenting Ambulance Command, Control and Response in an Olympic City – Sharing the Experiences and Lessons Learned by London Ambulance Service During the 2012 Olympic Games at Control Room Communications on Wednesday 12th December 09:50 – 10:10.

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