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TCCA welcomes new EC focus on digital communications as support for public safety spectrum

Logo idea 121 July 2014:

The TCCA welcomes the stated commitment of new European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to make much better use of the great opportunities offered by digital technologies.

In his New Start for Europe document, President Juncker states: “…. we will need to have the courage to break down national silos in telecoms regulation, in copyright and data protection legislation, in the management of radio waves and in the application of competition law. …  Enhancing the use of digital technologies and online services should become a horizontal policy, covering all sectors of the economy and of the public sector.”

Emergency services have an increasing demand for access to mobile broadband data services for their PPDR operations. The establishment of mission critical mobile broadband data services ideally requires a frequency band located below 1 GHz. An opportunity is opening at 700MHz. This band is today inter alia used by terrestrial broadcasting services, but is expected to be shared or ultimately fully re-allocated to mobile service at the World Radiocommunications Conference in November 2015 (WRC-15).


It is important for society that PPDR gets functional and reliable mobile communication systems – Tor-Helge Lyngtøl, DNK

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In preparation for his role as a panellist at Critical Communications World, Tor-Helge Lyngtøl, CEO, DNK  has been giving some thought to the topic of his session ‘2014-2024 Evolving Networks And Services For The Next Generation Of Critical Communications Users’

Here’s an exclusive peak at his concerns for the future…

TorSo far Public Safety Organisations have been concerned about having control – they have therefore used dedicated networks. Focus areas have been on issues like coverage everywhere (outdoor, indoor, in tunnels, Air-Ground-Air), fast group communication, one-to-one, resilient design, power back-up, fall-back BS, DMO and service availability always. And they have always had access also to commercial mobile networks.

The commercial networks have been developed according to mass market demands – they deliver best effort services.

If PPDR organisations in the future should also move completely to commercial LTE, all the eggs will be put in the same, “mass market basket”.

Exclusive speaker interview with European Commission

LTE and Spectrum1 Professional LTE and Spectrum Management
 8 – 11 October 2013
 Dexter House, London, UK

IIR Producer, Vanessa Barbe, recently interviewed Andreas Geiss, Deputy Head of Unit, Radio Spectrum Policy, from the European Commission.

Here is what Andreas had to say on harmonisation, the 700MHz band and commercial network sharing…

IIR: In your opinion, can we foresee a harmonised allocation of spectrum suitable for public safety in the near future?
 Harmonised spectrum for PPDR is an important element for ensuring cross-border operations as well as low cost equipment. In line with the RSPP, the Commission is examining this possibility; to start with, at the technical level, the Commission has issued two mandates to CEPT, which also deal with the possibility of using harmonised spectrum for PPDR. The results are not expected until November 2014 (2 GHz band) and March 2016 (700 MHz band).  (more…)

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