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The Future of Critical Communications…by Tero Pesonen





Want to understand what’s coming in communications? Tero Pesonen looks at how we manage today and suggests we need to look beyond our boundaries

Tero Pesonen, Standards Manager, Cassidian

When you think about the future of communications, there are three dimensions to consider. One is people, ourselves: what we are, our capabilities and our limitations. Another is, of course, technology. And the third is the environment. Let’s look at each of them.

People: how do we communicate today, and why do we do it like that? Let’s jump back to the past, to maybe 200 years ago. In those days, the fastest way of communicating with somebody who didn’t live just next door or in the same village was by letter. The data highway of that time was the pony express.

Communication then was very local. But the world was very small and local, for most people. If you wanted to conduct a dialogue by writing letters – let’s say, with someone in the US, from Europe – you would get to exchange information basically 12 times a year, because it takes a month for a letter to get to the other side. So the communications time concept was measured in weeks. (more…)

Call For Papers Now Open For Critical Communications World 2013

Call For Papers

Critical Communications World will take place 21st – 24th May 2013 in Paris. The research and production process for the  conference programme is now underway, giving you the opportunity to  share your thoughts on content for the agenda and to submit a case study  proposal.

During the last 14 years the TETRA World Congress has  developed to become the annual meeting place for TETRA Users, Operators,  Distributors and Manufacturers from around the globe. As the TETRA  standard and User requirements have developed, so the event’s content  and focus have evolved. Providing Mission Critical Mobile Broadband is  the next big step for our industry. Today, Critical Communications Users  are looking to the future and asking how they can access enhanced data  services and applications (based on TEDS, WiMax, and LTE) alongside  their secure and reliable voice and narrow band services.

Critical Communications World will incorporate the key show  elements that you currently expect from the TETRA World Congress. In  addition, we will be broadening the scope of the conference and  exhibition to focus further on Critical Broadband technologies. The  conference will examine how potential Mobile Broadband technologies can  be combined with TETRA to meet the future voice and data requirements of  Mission Critical Users. We welcome Users of all Critical Communications  technologies to join the debate.

Read More at http://criticalcommunicationsworld.com/5185-2/

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