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Funkwerk and Rohill team to introduce innovative solution for hazardous mining environments


Funkwerk’s FT4 S Ex TETRA radio now supporting IECEx- and ATEX-certified for M2 mining and Rohill’s leading TetraNode solution bring personal safety and security to the next level.

November 15th 2013, Salzgitter, Germany and Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

German two-way radio manufacturer Funkwerk Security Communications and critical network specialist Rohill have released their solution for use in hazardous underground mining and tunneling environments.

The rugged handheld FT4 S Ex, already approved for hazardous gas and dust environments, is now also IECEx- and ATEX-certified for M2 mining. “Not only is this the only TETRA radio on the market that offers mining certification, but also the world’s only radio that integrates enhanced personal emergency features in combination with indoor localization,” stated Thorsten Flügge, TETRA product manager of Funkwerk.

“What’s more, the intrinsically safe models in our product range are not only technically suitable but also legal for use in hazardous working environments. We have the unique capability to bring the many benefits that TETRA has to offer to the hazardous underground mining and tunneling industries.”

Rohill’s TETRA infrastructure solution TetraNode uses standard hardware and software components to create the most economical and powerful system currently available on the market. TetraNode’s flat network architecture based on nodes challenges the traditional hierarchical way of building networks. The principles of IP-networking are adopted in order to generate flexible network designs. Rohill and Funkwerk’s communication solution is designed to significantly improve modern-day mining methods and to provide operators with unrivalled communication and security.
Beside enhanced personal emergency and safety functions the solution also offers features such as tagging and the ability to count miners in especially hazardous zones. Instant system-wide broadcast messaging and reliable, precise detection of personnel and vehicles using LF magnetic fields come at little or no extra cost – adding up to a highly attractive value proposition for the market.

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) communication standard is widely used and deployed for mission and business critical voice communications. TETRA provides significant advantages compared to other radio systems, such as the voice quality, the communication features (trunking, priority/preemption, encryption, recording, etc.) and its interoperability capabilities. Private Mobile Radio (PMR) network users increasingly would like to utilize critical communications-specific broadband applications to improve quality of response and to improve efficiency.
Funkwerk Security Communications GmbH with its head office in Salzgitter is a leading manufacturer of professional security and communication solutions based on DECT, GSM and TETRA for industry, public utilities and authorities. We are specialists in personal emergency signal systems with mature know-how in developing and producing intrinsically safe devices that also satisfy the directives of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association (of Germany).
As one of the largest manufacturers of handsets for professional and industrial applications, our facility in Salzgitter develops and produces mobile terminals and certified personal emergency signal systems based on DECT and TETRA.
For further information: http://www.funkwerk-sc.com

Rohill Engineering B.V. is a company engaged in telecommunications technology that is based in The Netherlands and has specialized in professional mobile communications systems for business-critical applications. Over the years, Rohill has built up an outstanding international reputation as a supplier of high-quality hardware and software for radio communications. Additionally, the company offers a broad portfolio of client-specific solutions. Rohill Engineering B.V. is a member of Rohill Group with its’ headquarter located in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands.

For further information: http://www.rohill.com

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