Learn, Define And Develop The Evolution Of Critical Communications




A major disaster scenario at the DAMM stand 301 occurred at CCW in the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore shortly after closing hours at 19.00. More than 10 people were at the stand, but by pure luck no persons were injured by the stand construction falling down. All DAMM equipment including base stations, application centre including Android and Windows TetraFlex Client survived the crash and it is still up and running.

This is truly an unforeseeable incident where Critical Communication is essential. Convention centre staff were immediately alerted and present at the scene of the incident. Everything was quickly under control thanks to professional handling by the event organisers, IIR Telecoms. Further investigation of the incident will take place. An intermediate stand will be in place for the remaining two days of CCW, and DAMM will continue the event as originally planned.

Lisbeth Nørhede, Marketing Manager at DAMM: “We will of course continue to exhibit at the show as originally planned, including extremely relevant presentations at our stand, highlighting the very topic of disaster management. Presentations include topics on how to stay connected with TetraFlex Group Bridge, enabling you to perform group calls between any independent TETRA or analogue networks. Also at the DAMM stand 301 you can learn about the Dynamic Subscriber Assignment (DSA), which will be released with the TetraFlex SW 7.7.”

Jochen Bösch, Product Manager adds; “DSA is an intelligent way realising quick and easy system setups or migration of terminals from one infrastructure to another. Registering terminals securely, but with minimal infrastructure subscriber maintenance. DSA is following DAMM’s strategy to invent solutions for Mission Critical Operations, e.g. such as catastrophe scenarios.”. ”

Please join us at DAMM stand 301 to learn more about the intelligent IP-based world of Critical Radio and Broadband Communication with DAMM TetraFlex, offering integrated solutions based on a true IP backbone.

View programme here, or simply come to our stand 301 at CCW to get the full programme.

Contact: Lisbeth Nørhede, Marketing Manager, DAMM at lon@damm.dk


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