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In preparation for his role as a panellist at Critical Communications World, Tor-Helge Lyngtøl, CEO, DNK  has been giving some thought to the topic of his session ‘2014-2024 Evolving Networks And Services For The Next Generation Of Critical Communications Users’

Here’s an exclusive peak at his concerns for the future…

TorSo far Public Safety Organisations have been concerned about having control – they have therefore used dedicated networks. Focus areas have been on issues like coverage everywhere (outdoor, indoor, in tunnels, Air-Ground-Air), fast group communication, one-to-one, resilient design, power back-up, fall-back BS, DMO and service availability always. And they have always had access also to commercial mobile networks.

The commercial networks have been developed according to mass market demands – they deliver best effort services.

If PPDR organisations in the future should also move completely to commercial LTE, all the eggs will be put in the same, “mass market basket”.

If that option is chosen, and that is the consequence if no frequencies are allocated to PPDR, then it is important that PPDR can trust that those who support such a decision, i.e. no dedicated PPDR networks in the future, also contribute to ensure that that the commercial networks get the required PPDR functionality and sufficient resilience so that they can be trusted when people’s lives are at stake.

Bottom line my point is:

  • The way forward for PPDR communication is not only important for the PPDR organisations
  • And it is definitely not a question of what a policeman wants or not
  • It is important for society that PPDR gets functional and reliable mobile communication systems so that all kinds of incidents can be handled.
  • This is a responsibility on the political level, and it must be addressed accordingly – even if this is complicated for politicians, that is normal people, to understand.

At CCW on 21st May at 10.30, Tor-Helge will be joined by the following panelists to debate this topic further. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear their insights, proposals and conclusions:

  • Phil Godfrey, Chairman, TCCA
  • Jolly Wong, Chief Telecommunication Engineer, Hong Kong Police
  • Barbara Held, Head Of Directorate, Federal Agency For Public Safety Digital Radio – BDBOS
  • Mike Norfield, CEO, Team Telecom Group
  • Thomas Lynch, Associate Director, Critical Communications, IHS Technology


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  1. Hi, important suggestion and an fascinating article, it’s going to be interesting if this is still the situation in a few months time

  2. I seldom comment on these articles, but I thought this
    on deserved a thumb up

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