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MIC Nordic releases a cost effective, compact sized repeater designed specifically for confined, indoor areas, compensating for the BTS network coverage deficiency weak spots.

MIC Nordic´s CEO Mats Larsson says “Our Company saw the increased need in the market for a smaller sized repeater that could offer improved quality coverage with extra application advantages, suitable for installing in cramped indoor spaces and all types of vehicles. Together with our designers we produced the smallest repeater model on the market today. The competitively priced MIC Nordic TMR400 Repeater has received extremely positive user feedback.”

This exceptionally efficient repeater is the perfect solution to improve coverage in confined indoor areas or cramped MICsurrounding places where TETRA weak spots require signal improvement. A robust, compact (weight just 1.7 kg) repeater for easy installation in any restricted indoor spaces and all types of vehicles where it is essential to have quality wireless coverage.

Facts about MIC Nordic AB
MIC Nordic is a systems integrator that provides complete solutions, which means services such as the preliminary investigation, design, supply of equipment, project management, commissioning operation and maintenance.

Our core business is infrastructure for indoor coverage of mobile networks like FM, TETRA, CDMA 450, GSM, UMTS, LTE and GPS.

Please visit us at booth 9A and come and listen to our CEO, Mats Larsson at the Live Theatre presentation on Tuesday 11th March 15:20-15:40 hrs where he will talk about the dramatically increased need for indoor coverage solutions in all types of vehicles and the effective, easily installed solution using mini repeaters that addresses this problem.

For additional information, contact:
MIC Nordic Norgegatan 2, 164 32 Kista, Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 23 97 00 • info@micnordic.sewww.micnordic.se


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