Learn, Define And Develop The Evolution Of Critical Communications

In an exclusive interview with Critical Communications Europe, Hannu Aronsson (Chair – Application Working Group,TETRA & Critical Communications Association) shares details of the latest progress on Mission-Critical Applications. The interview gives a sneak peek into Day 1’s  ‘Meeting The Needs Of The Modern Policeman’ open panel session at Critical Communications Europe in Amsterdam (11th March 2014).

There is a lot of anticipation over what kinds of applications LTE will enable for Critical Communications Users. As chair of the TCCA’s applications working group, you must have a better insight than most as to what is possible with current TETRA and TEDS enabled networks. What kinds of applications and data-enabled operations are possible to run today?

A: Excluding video, delivering the information needed for real-world operational needs can be done with private and secure narrow band networks to a large extent already today. This includes even widely distributed situational awareness information which can be delivered efficiently using group communications methods on today’s networks.

Hannu Aronsson’s interview provides a taster of what you can expect to hear at Critical Communications Europe 2014. This year we have added sessions focussing specifically on Mobile Broadband For Critical Communications and Next Generation Networks, which will bring you insights from your colleagues from around Europe. For full details, download the brochure and register today.



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