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TCA BAnnersTETRA Congress Americas will take place in New York this week.

It is not too late to register. Come to the registration desk at the Hilton Midtown Hotel, New York this Thursday and register on site
FREE For LMR/TETRA Users and Potential Users

Interview With New Jersey Transit

In preparation for the event, Andy Schwartz from New Jersey Transit has shared a preview of his presentation – please see the full interview below. By joining us at the event you will be able to hear the full case study which takes place 14th November at 12.30pm.

Why was TETRA the right choice for your organization?
NJ TRANSIT’s procurement process was driven by business requirements for a data-centric system where standards adherence was important.  We did not specify a technology.  When the entire process was completed, the award went to a vendor with a TETRA-based system.  We believe this was the best choice for NJ TRANSIT given the maturity of TETRA and its rich feature set, the data capability, the standard interface (PEI) for 3rd party applications, and the competitive environment for terminals.

How will you  be using TETRA at New Jersey Transit? How will this change over time?
Initially, NJT will use its TETRA radio system to provide a mission-critical data conduit for AVL information from buses as well as voice connectivity through a computer-aided dispatch system. It will also be used to coordinatelight rail vehicle movements and for fleet vehicle communications.  Over time, we see additional non-traditional radio system users such as customer-facing teams, operations and facilities management, and executive leadership taking advantage of the reliability and feature set of the TETRA system.

What kind of applications do you plan to use?
Computer-aided Dispatch is the only current application being fielded.  The availability of TETRA data modems opens up a number of remote control/access uses that we are currently studying and evaluating for potential deployment.

What advice would you give to another organization looking to migrate to a suitable Secure Digital Radio Solution?
Develop a sound set of business and technical objectives.  That will drive the selection of the appropriate digital radio technology.  Do not pick a technology and try to fit your business needs within.

What have been the key challenges in your implementation so far?
The biggest challenges had been the regulatory environment and the break from the “norm” as it pertains to mission-critical digital radio in the U.S. market.  The regulatory issues have settled down, somewhat, though there are still some “artefacts” that need to be addressed.  These mainly pertain to the use of TETRA-based technology in 800 MHz spectrum dedicated for public safety-eligible licensees.  In the meantime, NJ TRANSIT would like to recognize the U.S. FCC for its ground-breaking decision to allow TETRA in the 800 MHz “mixed-spectrum” band.  This is where NJ TRANSIT’s system is being deployed.  As far as the break from the “norm,” TETRA was not available until recently.  Mission-critical technology choices were extremely limited.  We let our business needs drive the technology decision.  Once TETRA was added as an available technology, our business needs drove us to its selection.  Change is difficult to accept for some.  The U.S. LMR market has been relatively stable for over 50 years.  The addition of TETRA as a choice did “rock” the LMR community boat.  As with the regulatory environment, things are starting to settle.  Clearly, there’s a place for TETRA in U.S. market, especially within transit and utility markets.

How To Register  – FREE For LMR/TETRA Users and Potential Users

Online registration is now closed. If you would like to attend TETRA Congress Americas please come to the registration desk at the Hilton Midtown Hotel New York. Alternatively contact Anna Slater at aslater@iir-telecoms.com

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