Learn, Define And Develop The Evolution Of Critical Communications

This year’s Control Room Communications conference programme will carefully evaluate Reach 112, HeERO and eCall and the impact that their introduction will and is having on Control Room strategy and operational planning.

You will hear detailed case studies, analysis of pilot projects and practical examples of how to effectively manage increasing data inputs. The programme will debate the required changes in IT systems and working processes in order to handle digital information.  During the dedicated session you will learn from:

Tuesday 11th December – Managing Increasing Data Inputs

REACH112: Lessons Learned in Next Generation 112 Accessibility
Gary Machado, Executive Director EENA

Holism Versus Fragmentation within the Danish 112 Control Room
Jakob Andersen, Chief Fire Officer, Copenhagen Fire Brigade

Examining how Emergency Service Control Rooms Should Prepare for HeERO 1 – eCall Pre-deployment
Sébastien Mure, Project Support Manager, ERTICO – ITS Europe

Examining the Synergies in eCall and Providing Access for Individuals with Special Needs via Reach 112
Egil Bovim, Director, National Centre on Emergency Communication in Health, Norway

Outlining the Experience of Preparing for the Implementation of eCall in Finland
Mikko Jaaskelainen, Senior Officer, Ministry of the Interior – Finland, Department for Rescue Services

Examining the HeERO Project and the Operational and Data Management Impact of eCall on CCRs
Thom Verlinden – MBA, Project Manager, Netherlands Police Agency

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